Some of my old and new 2D and 3D projects which I made with Maya, Photoshop, Illustrator, Vue, Zbrush and After Effects.

Baby stroller 2018:
Baby stroller 2018

Mclaren MP4-12C:
Full detailed high poly Mclaren car which i made in Maya, took hundreds of photos/videos for references.

Maclaren 3D Maclaren wireframe front side Maclaren wireframe back side

Villa 2018:
Villa 3D 2018

Mamma Mia Pizaria, 2011:
Had to make 3 different 3D cartoons for a Pizaria: Moped, Host, Chef and the 4e is the logo.


Innocence, 2011:
Made for a film for the Philips Parallel Lines Contest, produced by A.Siar Sedig.
I worked as CG artist: made airplane and explosion in 3D, used photoshop for textures and used After Effects for the compesition.
Short deadline of 1 month including HD rendering. Work can been seen from 2:12 till end, but its worth to see the full movie of 3 min.

3D explosion movie Innocence

In Reach, 2010:
A 2D game called "In Reach" during the year I was at NHTV. I made this game with a team and my main role was Art Leader, here are some of my animation projects which I made in photoshop(2D) and Maya(3D). Trailer of the game will be available soon.

Turtle Squid 3D Squid

Escher Print Gallery, 2010:
I made the original complex art from M.C. Escher in 3D - His work was made in 2D.
Made in Maya, full UV map, naming all objects and errorless modeling.

Escher Print Gallery

Dragon, 2010:
Added a dragon to the demolished building project to get to work with smoke/dust/fire particles and lighting.


Demolished building, 2010:
Full tiled scene, worked in Illustrator and exported the curves to Maya for reference.
Took hundreds of photos/videos from camera and did research at the city Archives of the city to get all the right details/measurements.

Demolished Building 3D

Flora, 2009:
Small low poly concept made in Maya with UV layout/textures, 1 day work.


Behemoth, 2008:
3D online competition, Made the Behemoth in Maya and Zbrush and for the environment: Vue and Photoshop.